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Category: Kitchen
Brand: Fagor
Model: 918013133
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Fagor 918013133 Product reviews

Fagor 918013133 Review by Jade

When I needed to replace our old pressure cooker, I thought I can try something a bit different and Futuro looked good, especially because it doesn't have a long handle. Unfortunately the lid doesn't lock up well with the bottom, so the steam starts escaping from the side of the lid. I contacted the customer service and they had some suggestions but nothing helped, you cannot just lock it and believe it will work as advertised. I need to constantly jiggle with the lid (yes it moves around a lot, which tells me there is something wrong in specs of their manufacturing process) and hopefully have it pressurized. Yet, either it takes me a long time to do it or it won't work at all. I was going to give a single star, but as pots they are nice, I gave 2 stars.

Fagor 918013133 Review by D. Gordon (Thousand Oaks, CA)

I received this set for Mother's Day and couldn't be happier. The quality and ease of use is unbelievable and it's easier to store because of the smaller handles. I highly recommend this set.

Fagor 918013133 Review by BRJR (USA)

I just received my Fagor Futuro 5-Piece Pressure-Cooker Set, today 07/01/2011, having ordered it two days ago, Amazon Prime, with next day delivery. I had previously purchased a programmable Cuisinart pressure cooker from, and was quite satisfied with it (note, the 5 Star review rating I gave it); however, the other day, as I noticed the "non-sick" surface of the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker had started to peel/chip, this was it, for me. During the past six years, I had already replaced every piece of "non-stick" cookware in my home with tri-ply stainless-steel/aluminum clad, and Lodge Logic Cast-iron cookware, and so wasn't about to put up with a peeling/chipped "non-stick" cook surface, not even in my pressure cooker.

After some subsequent online research of current pressure cookers available, I determined that this "Fagor Futuro 5-Piece Pressure-Cooker Set", is just what I want/need in a no-nonsense, modern, durable, and easy to use and maintain pressure cooker. It's a bit more expensive than some others I reviewed, but I tend to purchase for the long haul. I like everything about the quality of this 5-Piece-Set Fagor Pressure Cooker, it's made in Spain, has a ten year warranty, and parts/accessories should they be needed or wanted, can be easily seen and ordered from the Fagor USA online web site. This set, also, with the two cook pans doubles as either regular 4-qt or 6-qt pressure cookers or regular cook pans with the included glass cover usable with either cook pan. These two pans, also stack, one in the other, and along with the unique short handles of this set, make for easy/convenient storage, in little space. The Fagor stove top pressure cookers are now my choice, when it comes to pressure cookers, and I'll never again purchase anymore "non-stick coated" cooking surfaces, for my use, not even in a pressure cooker.

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Fagor Futuro 5-Piece Pressure-Cooker Set:: Features

  • 18/10 stainless-steel construction provides fast, even heating
  • Dial format of spring-type mechanism offers 2 pressure settings--low (8 psi) and high (15 psi)
  • Suitable for all stovetops, including induction; 10-year limited warranty; dishwasher-safe except for pressure lid
  • Stay-cool handles and lid knob; auto-locking handle prevents lid from opening under pressure
  • 4-quart pot, 6-quart pot, pressure-cooker lid, tempered glass lid, stainless-steel steamer basket, instruction manual, and cookbook
  • Item Dimensions: 11 x 14 x 13 inches; 9 pounds
  • Brand: Fagor
  • Model: 918013133
  • Product Type: Kitchen
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Fagor 918013133:
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