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Thermaltake VL10001W2Z Review - On Sale!

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Category: Personal Computers
Brand: Thermaltake
Model: VL10001W2Z
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Thermaltake VL10001W2Z Customer reviews

Thermaltake VL10001W2Z Review by Michael Fuechsel "Mike F" (Chandler, AZ USA)

This case is a great upgrade from my old Raidmax case. This Element G is built with quality and keeps all my components cool with the 3 massive fans. I was able to manage my cables with easy with a few zip-ties and mounts behind the motherboard tray and the convenient cubby hole under the hard drive cage for loose wires for good air flow, which also helps keep everything cool. The fans are quiet and can only SEE the fans speed up with the control knob but not HEAR them. I plan to keep this case for a long time due to the many available options for upgrades. I would highly recommend this case to anyone looking for a solid built case, great cable management, quality cooling, and even for the good looking color changing. A+++

Thermaltake VL10001W2Z Review by J. S. Green

I find this case to be easy to access, with lots of standard and optional cooling fans, and an instruction manual that is VERY minimal.

There is lots of room in the case, and it is well designed and constructed. Even the removable side panels are sturdy. The motherboard fit easily, and the back I/O panel went in well.

The case comes with lots of screws for use in constructing your system. The HDD mounts are done with special screws; you put them onto the HDD, then slide the drive into the rack, where it snaps in.

There is a platform on top of the power supply for 2.5 inch HDD or SSD. This is a nice touch; many systems use SSD for the boot drive. I don't have these, and omitted the platform from my system.

There is a rotary switch to change the RPM of the three case fans. Those three extra large fans drive a lot of air, but actually move slowly even on the high power setting. I keep mine on high, and it is still quiet. It comes with mounting brackets for two more 120 MM fans (which go behind the large front fan), and space for two 60 mm fans over the VGA ports. I installed the latter, but since I have only the one HDD, I didn't add any extras to the front. As for efficiency, I am using a Phenom II X6 1100T running at stock with a stock CPU cooling fan, and the system idles at 29C; the most I have seen it hit is 49C. So the case moves air well.

The side fan has a connector feature that provides power, which means I don't have to try and connect the fan to the motherboard or power supply before closing the door. This is really great.

The case has two round openings near the power supply that can be used for an external water cooling system.

One thing I didn't use is the system they provide for securing the mouse and keyboard. Basically it screws in the cables inside the case. I'm not sure if these are that useful, but maybe if one's office mates are sticky fingered?


The mounting platform for the power supply was too tight; I had to bend one side back to make it fit. I didn't bother to bend it to the former location once the PS was installed; it is quite sturdy, and sits on the bottom of the case anyway.

The manual is abysmal. They didn't bother telling me that I had to remove the OTHER side panel in order to connect the main fans. Since it wasn't in the manual, I assumed they got power elsewhere. But in fact there is a standard 4 pin connector on the other side of the HDD rack, which plugs into a cable from the power supply. When I first ran my system, I had no fans at all!

There is no way to change the lights permanently. Pushing on the rotary switch will cycle through colors until it gets to "no color", but when the system powers up it doesn't remember the setting, and goes back to blue.

Summary: It has lots of room, good cooling, and great construction. Recommended.

Thermaltake VL10001W2Z Review by TFYOV

I was just looking for a case for my new home-built computer along with some quiet fans. This took care of the basic case and the included fans are beautifully quiet. Only 4 stars though because the fan speeds aren't delivered to the motherboard without some diy effort.
I'm not at all impressed with lights on cases and fans, so I like that you can turn the lights off. If you like lights though, this has all the lights and colors you could desire. If you want more eye candy then you need to start looking at your monitor :)

July 2011 - This case is still good! One of the fans went out - the rear one. Interestingly, the cooling was better after I removed the fan. Glad it went out! :) The other fans are still fine and just as quiet as ever. Lights still work too but I usually keep them turned off.

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Thermaltake VL10001W2Z Element G ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case with 3x TouchColor Fan (Black):: Technical Details

  • Gaming: Colorshift Fan with 6 color changing pattern for optimal gaming experience
  • Glittering: Three enlarged color shifting fans creates most eye catching appearance
  • Glaciated - Excellent thermal performance with glacial airflow
  • Gradational: Adjustable fan speed control for performance mode or silent mode
  • Gigantic: Massive storage capability with 7 x 3.5? and 2 x 2.5? HDD or SSD bay
  • Item Dimensions: 21 x 9 x 19 inches; 17 pounds
  • Brand: Thermaltake
  • Model: VL10001W2Z
  • Product Type: Personal Computers
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