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Best price 2XL Spoke In-Ear Bud Speakers - Rasta

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2XL Spoke In-Ear Bud Speakers - Rasta :: Description

2XL by SkullCandy Spoke In-Ear Bud Speakers - Rasta

2XL Spoke In-Ear Bud Speakers - Rasta:: Technical Details/Features

  • Driver: 10MM, Max Input Power: 30mW, Plug Type: 3.5mm gold plated
  • Compatible with iPod and iPhone
  • Impedance: 32ohms, Frequency Range: 20-20,000Hz
  • 47.25 Inch cable length
  • Item Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 3 inches; 1 pounds
  • Brand: 2XL
  • Model: 72-1460
  • Product Type: Electronics

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Customer Q&A Exchange

2XL 72-1460 Review by irieLinkup

This product gives a distinctive sound when listening to music. The Pulsating effect of listening to mobile devices providing music with heavy baseline like reggae music is incredible. The experience is like studio level audio quality

2XL 72-1460 Review by JS25

Keeping in mind that these cost somewhere in the range of $10, they are fabulous. They do have some issues, which may be of differing importance to potential customers.
These are, as noted, "Ambient Chatter Reduction" earbuds. In English, that means that they fit very snugly (via the different sized rubber earpieces) in your ears. The bass is quite impressive for these little guys, and they provide especially good balance on more bass-driven music, i.e. rock, electronica, etc. The cord, while not as attractive as Apple's, is much less prone to tangling, and the jack seems sturdy enough.
These are cheap headphones, and you do get what you pay for. The downside of the tight-fitting rubber earpieces is that any pull down on the cord is a noticeable noise: I'm 6'5" and when I walk the slight rise and fall of my gait is enough to cause an irritating "thump" with each step, especially when going up or down stairs. The cord has no slider to keep the phones together when not in use, simply a small plastic piece to keep the cord from splitting all the way to the jack. The cord also feels slightly cheap, though not like it will break easily ... I guess that will have to wait on more use to see. Probably the most disappointing thing about these phones is the lack of clarity in the mids and especially highs. As noted before, they have excellent drive and tone for low mids and bass, but the upper end of the spectrum is ... well, lackluster. Everything sounds a bit muted, not BAD per se, just without the clarity and purity of tone that would be nice for enjoying more instrumental music such as big band, orchestral, classical, blues, and even a lot of country and rock.
Overall, not a bad pair of 'buds, especially if you're looking for a cheap stocking stuffer. Just keep in mind ... they aren't $80, or $180, earbuds.

2XL 72-1460 Review by Transcriptiongirl

My husband bought these at Walgreens on an emergency for me. I am a transcriptionist and we had just moved and I couldn't find my best ones. So, he went and found these. These are probably the best ones I have ever used for transcription. I have bought expensive ones for my line of work, and these oddly are absolutely wonderful! I haven't used them for listening to music, but for just listening to voice they do the job splendidly. Definitely am going to buy a few other pairs just to have for when these wear out! :)

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