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I paid for a new lamp. The lamp that came to me, was used, has smudges on it, no protective film over the mirrors, and 3 broken lights. I paid more replacing the things that were damaged than the light was worth. DO NO BUY FROM THESE SELLERS. I have pictures that i will post of the damaged items if they do not contact me within a week.

ycc inc EN2016 Review by Dawn

I've done my nails twice now, both times with perfect results. I use the CND base and top coat and have used CND and gellish colors, both manicures turned out perfect! I haven't had any issues with the timers - you can set it to stay on or time 120 or 180 seconds.
I've also done the shellac on my toes and my feet fit in the unit without any issues.

ycc inc EN2016 Review by Natrh

I bought this to do my own shellac/gellish manicures. Works great! I have even used the lamp for my feet. The lamp has a 2 and 3 minute timer setting. Since purchasing this lamp a few weeks ago i
Have already used it a bunch of times and definitely got my monies worth.

ycc inc EN2016:: Description

The 36 Watt Ultraviolet Gel Curing Light has two settings: 90 second and 120 second. Four 9-watt light bulbs are included (unless indicated). It is safe and effective for use with top coats and gels. It is a one-hand light. Made in China

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