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Best Price SEI Dome Baker's Rack, Huge Discount !

Discount SEI Dome Baker's Rack

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This substantial and beautiful accent piece adds functional storage and display space. Get creative and arrange plants or spices in the two stylish adjustable basket shelves. It can hold up to five bottles of wine and also includes six utility hooks that can be moved around and used for anything that you can imagine. It is constructed of solid tubular steel and covered in a durable black finish.

SEI Dome Baker's Rack Details

  • Includes 6 utility hooks, storage for up to 5 wine bottles, 2 wire shelves and a baker's shelf.
  • This black tubular steel Dome Baker's Rack gives you additional storage space while adding charm to your kitchen or pantry.
  • At the top of the rack there are 2 stylish basket shelves for plants, spices.
  • Measures 68-inches high, 17-inches wide and 26-inches deep.
  • Item Dimensions: 17 x 26 x 68 inches; 41 pounds
  • Brand: SEI
  • Model: BE4650
  • Product Type: Kitchen
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SEI BE4650 Review by caliandbuffylover

I don't think you can find a better deal for the money. Though I have not done much of this in the past, I assembled this quite easily. When it was all together, I noticed that the top horizontal bar was not level and did not look good. Included with the delivery was a paper to fill out and mail back if any part of the rack was missing or unacceptable. I ordered a whole new back and received it about one week later, absolutely no charge. I switched out the backs in about 20 minutes and it is perfect. It looks great, is very sturdy, and serves the purpose well for which I intended - a place to put some kitchen items that are displayable but serviceable at the same time.

SEI BE4650 Review by Myra M Cleary

I just received my dome baker's rack. It was not hard to put together and took maybe about 45 minutes tops. The instructions were easy to read and the parts were not heavy. It looks much bigger in the photos but is really perfect for a compact space. I like the dome because it's curved and not squared which gives it a more stylish/ rustic look I think. It fit my compact microwave in the middle rack, some wine bottles, ceramic bowls. You also don't have to use the middle rack if you want to place larger appliances on the bottom rack. I use the hooks to hang bananas on. It's versatile because the hooks can be hung virtually any place on the rack, and the two baskets can be taken off and on as you please. I love it! Shipping was quick and intact.

SEI BE4650 Review by SF Jeff

I have a small kitchen and not enough counter and storage space. This Baker's Rack is the perfect fit for the limited space that I have. It was easy to put together and only took me about 45 minutes working alone. It looks pretty nice. The dome top and the black metal finish give the item an old world, rustic look which I like. It is also pretty light at only 40 lbs. I thought that might mean it's not a sturdy product, but having put it together, I think it will last a while, at least a few years. That being said, I do have some complaints...

Some of the pre-drilled holes don't quite line up which made it a little bit of a challenge to get everything to fit together. Even after squeezing them together some of the pieces don't fit together quite right. It's difficult to see, especially once you put some stuff on it (I have a microwave on the top shelf and a stand mixer and some other items on the bottom shelves), but I put the thing together and can't help but notice the parts that don't come together squarely.

All-in-all I would say this is worth the $118 that I paid for it when compared to other products I've seen for several hundred if not over $1,000. I would say this is a good value and would buy another one and/or recommend it to friends and family.

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