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Staub 1001114 Customer reviews

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Brand: Staub
Model: 1001114
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Staub 1001114 Review

Staub 1001114 Review by Virginia Linnell "vvl"

This is an incredible purchase for this type of quality. The only negative is that I find the handle to be too long and it is not as easy to store as other skillets. Love that it is enamel and cooks wonderfully.

Staub 1001114 Review by BeHereNow (PA)

I did not receive the 10 inch pot with the lid, but another Staub pot, without a lid and with a wooden handle - not what I ordered at all, and certainly not what is in the description or anything like the picture. Amazon - you need to correct this.

Staub 1001114 Review by Joy of cooking (Bay Area)

PROS: Superior double dipped chip resistant highly attractive porcelain enamel surfaces; The massive warp-free bottom has a beautiful aquamarine ceramic space age coating;
Sides are deep sloping and allow for use as 3" deep sided roaster, fryer, or French wide oven if you have a lid; Beechwood handle easily removable yet very sturdy; Withstands up to 600F with handle removed for roasting, broiling; "Honeycomb" enamel interior creates pro-chef grill like branding of steaks and veggies; Functionally non-stick when used as directed; Cleans up in seconds with just hot water and towel; Requires no "seasoning", will never rust; Excellent ergonomics with commercial type helper handle and removable sturdy main handle; Lifetime warranty, should last generations; Exceptionally well constructed, cast in France from an individual quartz sand mold which is used only once then destroyed; made of virgin molten iron, not re-cycled cars; Superior to other Staub products based on uniformity of casting and finish. Sides are uniformly strong and just thick enough, yet bottom is thick, heavy, massive, flat and will never warp. Uniformity in the thinness of the sidewalls is a mark of superior construction; Stain-proof interior;
Perfect for all range tops including Induction, ceramic, glass, radiant, electric and gas; Heats evenly with out hot spots. Food release is excellent when lightly oiled; Any burnt on mess will float off when water is boiled inside for 10 minutes. Weight: 14lbs, Rim size: 11-1/2" , Base diam: 10" Sides 3" rim to inside bottom, 4qt capacity, Bottom cast "France 28 cm"

CONS: Lid optional, but metal rimmed glass lids are readily available. Lid from Le Creuset 7-1/4 qt oven should fit or look for a lid at just under 12" diameter. Scorching of interior enamel possible if range top heat is exceeded far beyond any realistic temperature required for searing or browning meat. High efficiency! Use lower range settings, gradually increasing until you achieve the results desired.

CARE: Clean only with hot water and nylon or bamboo bush or "Tuffy". NEVER use abrasive powders or Scotch-brite abrasive pads. Detergent not required for cleaning. Some natural food oil residue is desirable for improved food release. However, sll oil residues can be easily removed at any time by heating 1/4 teaspoon of Dawn detergent in pot for 10 minutes. Re-seasoning is not required but cooking bacon or similar after total deep clean will improve food release properties.

HANDLE: The handle end cap is solid brass and can be unscrewed. The hollow hardwood handle may then be withdrawn. This exposes a stainless steel threaded stud which can easily be removed by hand for oven use or storage.

SPECIAL INTERIOR: The smooth "honeycomb interior enamel bottom" yields master chef branding on meats and veggies. Browning is even with no hot spots. Sautes mushrooms to an even golden brown without burning the edges. Crisps potato and veggie chips to perfection. Sears beef and browns browns poultry very well.

Doubles as a deep sided roaster with the handle removed for oven or broiler use. Or even a shallow fryer. I've roasted butternut squash, meats and veggies in the oven with handle removed. Braises very well if you have a lid. Ideal for "oven fried" lo-fat chicken and roasted veggies. The integral cast loop handle and main handle cast stub are very sturdy and make for easy removal from a hot oven. Oven safe to 600F w/o handle.

Sloping sides measure 3" deep to inside bottom for easy stir frying. Bottom marked "28" for 28 cm. Rim is aprox 11-1/4" wide, while the bottom is 10". Use lower temperatures than you think you need because this pan is highly efficient.

Cleaning is a breeze. Simply de glaze with boiling water to lift carbonized food and sauces. Ordinarily, you won't wash with detergent because the small pores in the interior matte finish absorb natural food oils with each use, gradually increasing the already close to non-stick performance. In the event that you burn tomato sauce, or otherwise gum it up, simply simmer with a cover in place and with a few drops of Dawn added to several quarts of water. Rinse and towel dry. Seasoning is not required. In the event that you ever wish to remove all the oils from the interior, simply use the Dawn method above. Never use scour pads or abrasive powders as this will roughen the enamel and reduce the food release capability. Ordinarily, all that is required is a quick rinse in hot water and perhaps a a stiff nylon brush followed by towel drying. Essentially maintenance free.

Deep frying is possible with a splatter screen. Avoid very high range settings, as in trying to pop corn, or the matte finish may be scorched. Any searing, browning or crisping which you desire will occur at low or medium low temperature settings owing to the pan's high efficiency.

INDUCTION PERFORMANCE: I combined my purchase with a Supentown portable induction hob for a revolution in convenience, safety, speed of cooking, automatic timed cooking. Bonus is complete "use-it-anywhere" operation. Eliminate indoor fish fry/stir fry odors by using on your the balcony.

I've tossed out my obsolete range/oven combination. I use the portable induction hob with the Staub at home or on the go. Induction heats this massive pan in less than one minute!! Try that on your gas or electric range!

The portable induction hob has precise temp settings and a timer which frees me to attend to other errands instead of standing over a hot stove. The Staub's cast iron keeps my dinner warm for a long time after cooking allowing me to write reviews like this and have my meal later!

This purchase should last generations and will save you money in the long run while freeing landfills from endless tons of disposable cookware. I couldn't be happier with the performance, ease of use and low maintenance. As this model is discontinued by Stab, grab one while you still can.

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Staub 10 Inch Honeycomb Saute Pan, Pimento Red:: Features

  • Double the enamel coatings help prevent chipping and add to the beauty and function of the pan.
  • Enameled Interior for durablity means no seasoning required.
  • Oven proof stainless steel or brass knobs for durability and beauty.
  • Smooth Enameled bottom that works on any cooking surface including glass tops and convection.
  • Item Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 6 inches; 0 pounds
  • Brand: Staub
  • Model: 1001114
  • Product Type: Kitchen
...

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