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Queen Size Bi-Fold Folding Bed Frame Reviews - Sale!

Queen Size Bi-Fold Folding Bed Frame Review

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Queen Size Bi-Fold Folding Bed Frame Review

Queen Size Bi-Fold Folding Bed Frame Review by 70's_Rule "mb" (Waltham, MA)

This is one of the best products I've purchased on Amazon. The frame came well packaged in 2 evenly sized pieces, with 2 simple double-ended wing nuts to attach the pieces together to create the queen-sized unit. It took about 2 minutes to do that one step - it's relatively light-weight yet amazingly strong! There's absolutely NO sag to it at all because of all the cross bars on it, and as advertised the legs fold out and lock securely and effortlessly. Storage will be fantastic since it folds up so small and into 2 pieces, easy for anyone to carry.

Depending on how heavy you are (I'm 6'0 320 right now), you will need a pretty substantial mattress because the thing is so sturdy and supportive. I'm quite confident it would support the 1200 lbs it claims! I'm putting a light weight fold out sofabed on top of it, and then adding a couple layers of memory foam to make a sort-of bed while I have a guest for a couple of weeks. And of course you can use it with any queen bed set, and I believe there are holes to attach head boards too.

$150.00 or so with shipping seemed like alot for just a bed frame until I actually saw it - WELL WORTH IT and highly recommended!

Queen Size Bi-Fold Folding Bed Frame Review by Anthony

Set up: Two bolts with an O-ring. Easy.

Quality: AMAZING! no noise, sits high enough off the ground and doesn't bend.

Cons: weight of sleeper may effect how the frame appears in quality, i'm not sure because I don't weigh much.

Queen Size Bi-Fold Folding Bed Frame Review by Stephen G. Horlick (Gillette, WY)

Our bed frame arrived with 8 leg braces detached to allow for folding. The bolts and wing nuts were shipped attached to the 4 ends so what we had to do was remove them, rotate the braces into position and screw them back in. With two of us working it took about 15 minutes. I deducted one star for this. Our installation is permanent but if you want to store the frame it might be considered a hassle.

When set-up our queen bed frame is supported by 12 legs, 4 on each end and four in the middle.

We use a foam mattress which itself is 12" thick. Our previous bed frame, the one Amazon sells for $109 with wooden slats, had collapsed, had a support beam running the length of the bed in the middle. Since you tend to sink into a foam mattress that beam which would be between two side-by-side sleepers was quite obvious. The construction of this frame has the support beam (where it folds) running left to right about waist level when you're lying down and is basically NOT felt.

The manufacturer mentions headboard and footboard brackets available on their website but no info on prices or how to order.

An included warranty card mentions a 5 year limited warranty offered when you send in the warranty card but no other information other than contact info.

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Queen Size Bi-Fold Folding Bed Frame:: Technical Details

  • Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.
  • Queen
  • Item Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 14 inches; 33 pounds
  • Brand: PRGAME BED
  • Product Type:
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