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Brand: Lem
Model: lem w777
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Lem lem w777 Customer reviews

Lem lem w777 Review by Kai "Kai" (Alaska)

This grinder is a little beast. I've fought with a little Oster grinder for years and spent many an evening repeatedly cursing and cleaning the blades of gristle. This unit is simply what it says it is, and it works. Make sure you get it tightened down well as with any grinder and it'll grind through anything you can fit down the tube, which is appropriately sized smallish so you can't possibly over load it, good design fail safe! Make no mistake though you cut anything up into 1 inch strips and it will suck them through and spit them out faster than any home owner grinder I've seen!
It is an extremely heavily built unit, make no mistake, everything is heavy solid stainless (except one plastic wear bushing that they provide a spare for). The loading tube and auger assembly probably weigh 5ish lbs so you know you aren't going to hurt anything.
I primarily go through six Sitka Black Tail deer a year as a subsistence meat hunter and this unit fulfills the grinding I need to do without any issue. Hoping this fall I'll be able to get one of the brown bears that's been bugging me the past few months and see if I can make some strong sausage out of him which will be a serious test of this unit!
Great unit if you want the smallest commercial grade grinder on the market.

Lem lem w777 Review by Smitty (Seaford, VA)


We have been looking at grinders with the thought of making homemade sausages for a while. When we got our tax return this year we decided to go for it. I decided to go look at grinders at Bass Pro Shop with the intention of buying a manual hand cranked grinder. Someone else was in the same section looking at some sausage making things and we got to talking. He said that he had this grinder and it has worked very well for them. I had thought perhaps if we got an electric grinder we might go for a bigger one, but he said this should be enough for what we want to do. So I purchased it. We have made bratwurst, italian sausages, and breakfast links so far, but made each of those a few times as they are our favorites. We couldn't be happier with the grinder, it cleans up pretty easy and after I clean and dry it I spray some food grade silicone spray to protect the parts. My wife and I usually do it together, one person feeding the meat into the grinder and the other controling the sausage/casing part. I've used it alone and though a little more difficult, I was able to do it all myself and probably with a little practice it would be just as easy, maybe just a little more time consuming. I recommend this grinder though I haven't tried any others, I've hear that LEM has good customer service, though haven't needed them, and the grinder seems very solid (the whole reason we decided to skip the kitchenaid attachment).

Hope this helps! Cheers!

Lem lem w777 Review by Jerry Livingston (Wheaton, MD United States)

The product works great and as described. However the vendor said it was in stock when i ordered when in fact it wasn't. It took two weeks for me to get it. I ordered it for use before a large picnic but wasn't able to due to inaccurate inventory information. So lesson learned is you can't always believe it when it says the item is in stock.

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Lem #5 .25hp ss electric grinder:: Features

  • Size/Capacity - 3-qt.
  • Dimensions - 12x9.5x3-in.
  • Origin - Thailand
  • Cleaning & Care - Dishwasher Safe
  • Material - Stoneware
  • Item Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches; 33 pounds
  • Brand: Lem
  • Model: lem w777
  • Product Type:
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