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Sanus PFFP2-B Best Price

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Model: PFFP2-B
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Sanus PFFP2-B Reviews

Sanus PFFP2-B Review by T. L. "Handy man" (somewhere in the US)

The box was broken when I received it. Didn't come with any instruction to put them together. The plastic cap was also broken. I think it's expensive. The reason I bought it because I like the way it looks and I couldn't find it any where else at the time.

Sanus PFFP2-B Review by Joyce Kramer Esq

This is a stunning ultra modern TV stand, with superior construction, which could use a little more details in the instructions. A few parts are unidentified (the four round things are black feet for the stand, in case you don't like the platinum ones and the two curved pieces need to go around the stand BEFORE you mount your TV.

You'll never be able to hide all your plugs in the center column because most don't fit through the narrow space allowed to go down the center of the stand.

The glass color is not described, but it's a smoky black and the TV sizes that are supported are weight related and not size related. I'm so glad I called Amazon because they called the company and found out that my 55" 8000 series Samsung was "perfect" for this stand, even though the details limit size to 50".

My biggest problem is that the price of the stand changed in the five minutes I put it in my cart and tried to check out. The next day, it was the original price and the day after that, it was about $100 more. That's never happened before.

All that said, I love this stand and highly recommend it.

Sanus PFFP2-B Review by Alex T. Ching "SCtud" (New York, NY)

Most of the big issues have been covered in prior reviews -

1) Well packaged - box arrived beat up, but components were in perfect condition due to great packaging.

2) Easy to assemble - wow, I wish all products had every piece wrapped and labeled like this (with such easy to follow instructions). One man job except for putting the tv onto the mount.

3) Looks great.

My gripes are:

1) Base is made out of wood? I'd look at the Omnimount G3FP which is cheaper, made out of better materials, all black, heavier load capacity, though only one shelf. I would have bought that had I known about it earlier. As others mentioned, be careful of damaging the base when assembling this sucker.

2) I wish it was all black and the column wasn't the textured spackly silver.

3) Wire management is thin. If you have more than a power cable and hdmi cable running to the TV, you will have a hard time with this. I'd recommend having a receiver manage all your inputs if possible here with a single hdmi output to the TV.

Some things that weren't covered in other reviews:

1) I bought this stand for my 58" plasma which is over the recommended size. It doesn't really matter since it is really the load that is important. The 128 lbs. TV is under the 130 lbs. rating for the TV weight, so it works fine. I was a bit scared by only two screws that keep the TV mount in place, but it seems to be working (just make sure you screw them in REALLY tight!). Someone mentioned an odd appearance with a wider TV than the base, but I think it looks absolutely fantastic.

2) When putting the TV mount screws in, make sure you use a level! While it seems that you can't screw up putting in the two screws here, there is some wiggle room for tilting. It took me a while to get it perfect and this should definitely be noted in the instructions somewhere. The TV mount doesn't have any protection from the TV sliding to the left or right, and only has two screws for preventing the TV from falling forward or back. The two glass shelves should also be installed with a level as they are prone to tilting to one side as well.

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SANUS SYSTEM Flat Panel TV Stand Furniture ( Platinum ):: About this product

The Sanus Systems PFFP2B flat panel television stand securely holds your LCD or plasma television in place while also allowing it to tilt up and down for optimal viewing angles.

SANUS SYSTEM Flat Panel TV Stand Furniture ( Platinum ):: Item specifics

  • Unit Dimensions - Width 43.25 x Height 49.75 x Depth 23.25 inches
  • Shelf Adjustable
  • Assembly required
  • TV Capacity - 130 pounds
  • Color - Black
  • Item Dimensions: 23 x 43 x 49 inches; 105 pounds
  • Brand: Sanus
  • Model: PFFP2-B
  • Product Type: Electronics
...

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