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DeLonghi DCP707 Review - Sale!

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Category: Kitchen
Brand: DeLonghi
Model: DCP707
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DeLonghi DCP707 Reviews

DeLonghi DCP707 Review by cmodonnell (philadelphia, pa)

I bought this slow cooker for our SuperBowl party this year--we had chili and it was perfect. Since then I have used it twice and in both instances it was easy to use and cooked evenly without burning on the bottom (something that would tend to happen with my previous crock pot). In addition to working well--which is what really matters, I suppose--it is also very nice looking and the square shape makes it much easier for me to keep on a shelf with other items. It is too large to fit into my cabinet where I keep a few other appliances, but that is the fault of my entirely too small kitchen and not the fault of the crock pot.

Cleaning the ceramic insert, which pulls out easily and looks great on a table, is also easy. Even when I left the chili to clean up the next day (too tired to clean up SuperBowl night), I just let it soak for a few hours with soapy water and the dried sticky chili came right off. It is also easy to wipe up any splashes or spills on the metal exterior. Something I didn't anticipate is that the exterior is very light without the ceramic pot so it is easy to lift and move around while wiping, I can get all the splashes without fear of dropping the item or damaging the exterior.

Overall I am thrilled with this appliance and would recommend it to anyone who likes to use or wants a crock pot. In particular it would be great first crock pot because the controls and settings are intuitive and while I referred to the manual once, setting the pot up should not be difficult for someone new to crock pot cooking.

DeLonghi DCP707 Review by Lonewar

I'm a single guy that knows very little about cooking and/or extravagant recipes... This cooker makes my life a lot easier. I can just throw in whatever ingredients I can think of & go to work. 10 hours later, dinner is served. No fuss, no muss. Clean up is pretty easy too. Not the total disaster I expected. Pretty much totally non-stick.

This is the cooker you want to get... No doubt about it.

DeLonghi DCP707 Review by S. Doty

The timer buttons on mine did not work, but it allows cooking without the timer, so I tried that. After 90 minutes, it still was not boiling hot, despite being set on high. Very frustrating to have a new item defective in two ways!! I returned it. Before this, my Cuisinart pressure cooker failed after four months. The incompetence in this area of production is enough to sink a barge. Some company needs to fill the void and make a good product. For some reason incompetence reigns now. This one got a good review in the newspaper, but it sucks like the rest. Better to slow cook on your stove in a stock pot.

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DeLonghi DCP707 Stainless-Steel Programmable 5-Quart Slow Cooker:: Features

  • You can take pleasure in the ample counterspace you'll still enjoy with the sleek compact design
  • Be sure that you will always cook food at the perfect temperature with high and low settings and a 2-hr keep warm function
  • Just set it and go with the 10-hr digital countdown timer; perfect for long work days or busy days running around with the kids at sports practice
  • Enjoy the ease of the servable ceramic bowl, take it straight to the table, so there is less to clean!
  • Feed the family or even a whole dinner party with the 5-qt capacity
  • Item Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 10 inches; 0 pounds
  • Brand: DeLonghi
  • Model: DCP707
  • Product Type: Kitchen
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DeLonghi DCP707:Limited time only!
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